Vincent Van Gogh is perhaps the most popular and celebrated of all specialists, with canvases, for example, ‘The Starry Night’, ‘Bistro Terrace at Night’ and ‘Sunflowers’ simply a little illustration of the artworks he is known for all through the world. Vincent Van Gogh artistic creations are among the most generously compensated for artworks pursued by craftsmanship sweethearts and workmanship financial backers the same. ‘Wheatfield with Cypresses’, ‘Picture of Dr. Getcha’, ‘Irises’ and ‘Self-picture without Beard’ have brought record costs in the late twentieth century and his works craftsmanship expected to keep soaring in cost in the all around exceptionally bustling 21st century workmanship market. He is obviously likewise notable for his franticness, his episodes of dysfunctional behavior that drove him to broadly removing his ear and self destruction. Be that as it may, was it truly self destruction or was it murder?

The creators of the most recent Dutch-impressionist’s history “Van Gogh: The Life” realized they would mix discussion by questioning the generally held conviction that the craftsman ended it all with a weapon while painting in a French wheat field. Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, who have recently won a Pulitzer prize for their history of American craftsman Jackson Pollock went through ten years investigating their book and proposed the new hypothesis, that Van Gogh was shot not act naturally, yet by nearby harassers who were a consistent blight in van Gogh’s as of now tortured life.

Naifeh and Smith uncovered some proof that point uncertainly, they recognize toward homicide.

Their first piece of proof is an open and self implicating meeting with good hardliner investor Rene Secretan given in 1956. In the meeting he reviewed exhaustively how he and his sibling had tortured the craftsmen during their young years in the Auvers. As the objective of tormenting for a lot of his life, the red-headed painter – who experienced front facing flap epilepsy – was to languish it as the cost over having some friendship.

Their subsequent proof depends on tales heard by the late workmanship antiquarian John Rewald during the 1930s from residents in Auvers mature enough to recollect that Van Gogh had incidentally been shot by two young men.

Their third piece of proof is a drawing by Vincent where he portrays a kid in a cowhand cap that the creators suspect is Rene Secretan who gone to the Paris World reasonable in 1890 where Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show from America was a success. They speculated that the youthful Rene properly beguiled by cattle rustlers and firearms acquired a gun from neighborhood owner Arthur Ravoux to shoot birds and little creatures, and that this was the weapon that killed Vincent van Gogh. It ought to be noticed that during the 1956 meeting Rene Secretan referenced nothing about any shooting.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which worked together with the creators, was cited as viewing the creator’s hypothesis as “fascinating” and “fantastic” yet has not yet excused the since a long time ago held self destruction hypothesis.

Regardless, the secret of Vincent Van Gogh’s demise has started.

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